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About Holika Dahan

Holika Dahan also Kamudu pyre is celebrated by burning Holika, an asura. For many traditions in Hinduism, Holi celebrates the killing of Holika by Vishnu in order to save Prahlad, a devotee of God Vishnu in the city of Multan Pakistan, and thus Holi gets its name. In olden days, people use to contribute a piece of wood or two for the Holika bonfire, and this represents Holika being consumed by the fire in which she tried to kill her nephew Prahalad.

  • Date: March 17 2022
  • Also Called:
  • Significance: The night before Holi, pyres are burnt in North India, Nepal and parts of South India in keeping with this tradition.
  • Type: Hindu festival
  • Celebrations: The day after Holika Dahan; On Holi: spray colors on others, dance, party; eat festival delicacies
  • Observed By: Hindu
  • Religious Type: Hinduism